for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

BLOCnog was one of the first puzzle games on Apple TV with a new and innovative way of solving puzzles. Now it's available on iPhones and iPads as well!
Enjoy some casual and family-friendly gameplay while sitting in your comfortable living room.
Buy once, play forever and on all of your devices: BLOCnog is available on any iPhone, iPad and Apple TV running 9.1 or later.
BLOCnog is easy to play and perfectly fitted for the new Apple TV Siri Remote for an intuitive experience. The beautiful and colorful graphics and the laid back music will look and sound great on your big TV.
We respect your privacy! BLOCnog does not gather, store or transfer any of your personal data. The only thing that is stored on your Apple TV is the current state of the level progress. Also there are no ads or in-app purchases, just pure gaming fun.
"…BLOCnog is actually a cool, slick little puzzle game from Gameshot that combines the best of sliding block games ... and everyone's favorite pastime: sticking stuff to other stuff!" - (flash review)
Where can I find it?
BLOCnog is now an universal app! It's available on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.
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